The history of Newcastle Central Station


Newcastle Central Station has come a long way since it was first built. Newcastle central station was opened in 1850 by Queen Victoria. This was a momentous time for Newcastle as it opened the gates to many years of transport and connecting the wonderful city with the rest of the UK.

Train stations are the focal point of greetings and farewells, making it a place full of excitement and sadness. Although Central station in Newcastle is one which you can collect all these memories in a friendly and inviting place.

Newcastle’s station is one of six stations in the UK to be grade 1 listed. And it is also titled as one of the countries ‘cathedral’ stations.

How it was meant to be much more grand

As grand as the station is, it was originally meant to be much more lavish. However, funds held back the original design and a ‘less impressive’ station was built. Dobson, the original designer was said to suffer ‘grief and disappointment’ that his first design was never actually produced and built.

The cost of Central Station in Newcastle cost £600,000, which would translate into tens of millions of pounds in today’s money. And in the 20th century, the station got a £8.6million makeover, which turned the once gloomy front into a travel friendly station.

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